GeoPark Papuk

How to reach Papuk?

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Find out where is Papuk using Google Earth or Google Maps. If you don't have it you can download Google Earth (free).

In order to visit Papuk, you can choose a variety of transport means and a number of characteristic entrances to the park.

Visitors from outside of Croatia will usually arrive from the area of Slovenia or Hungary. Visitors from western Europe or outside Europe will probably come from the direction of Zagreb, either by plane, train, bus or car. From Hungary you can arrive through multiple border crossings towards Koprivnica, Virovitica, Donji Miholjac or Osijek.

From Zagreb, the best way to reach the nature park is by car or train. If you travel by car, the fastest way would be the Ivanja Reka - Lipovac highway with the exit at Nova Gradiška, from where you can go through Požega to Velika - the entrance to the center of the nature park. If you choose to go by train, you can go towards Velika with a stop at the Nova Kapela station. If you are arriving from the direction of Vinkovci you can also travel by train with a stop at Nova Kapela, or you can use the Lipovac - Ivanja Reka highway and exit at Lužani, then go through Pleternica towards Velika.

On the northern side of the Park there are two characteristic entrances: Voćin and Orahovica. If you are coming from the direction of Koprivnica by car, use the so-called Podravska Magistrala to Slatina where you take a turn towards Voćin, and if you continue along the road you can find the next entrance at Orahovica. You can also use the railroad towards Slatina or Čačinci and then go towards the Park. If the visitors are coming from the direction of Osijek by either car or train, the first entrance to the park would be Orahovica or Slatinski Drenovac.

360 panoramas

Visit some of the most attractive locatioms inside geopark through this panoramas.


More about geopark Papuk find out through brochures in pdf format which you see here:

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